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I Write, I Love, I Live!

I've always enjoyed writing and finally discovered the time and space to create and share with the world.

Welcome To My Website

Thanks for stopping by. I am an author and look forward to happily writing fiction novels and short stories for your enjoyment. I've been told my stories appeal to literary readers, especially women who like romance but appreciate the realism of literary/contemporary fiction where “happy endings” can be a long struggle and not always guaranteed. Although I've had men reach out saying they've enjoyed the storylines too.

If I must place my writing style into a genre "box" it would be Women's, Literary Fiction, New Adult Fiction (NOT YA), Contemporary Romance. Some of my writing pulls from the Spiritual, Metaphysical, or etheric aspects of life and some of my characters have a gift of sixth sense and strong intuition. Regardless of the storyline, my ultimate goal is to bring the characters to life so they "begin to live in your minds" and you feel their emotions.

What I am seeking with my writing method is to present fictional stories that are relatable to real life with the ability to evoke readers to experience the roller coaster of human emotions. I've done my job well if I bring to the surface the depth of excitement, curiosity, hope, happiness, sadness, despair, etc. of humanness. I’d like to see readers laughing with hysteria on public transportation or in the stillness of their homes while reading my novels. Or experience the gut-wrenching sadness that would require them to keep a box of tissue within reach. Hang on for the ride because I have multiple novels in the works.