About The Author

Cathy Sue Paskett  is a versatile writer weaving fiction in various genres: Contemporary, Romance, Women’s, and Inspirational. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and observations, she infuses her characters with a sense of authenticity and creates a unique blend of heartwarming romance and thought-provoking realism. After years of living West of the Rockies, she moved to a small town in Southwestern Minnesota alongside her husband and one adopted rescue dog, where she spends her days writing. She holds degrees in healthcare administration and mind-body psychology and enjoys the study of metaphysics, which often influences her writing and character development.

She raised four children who have become amazing adults in their own rights, and she has two grandchildren (as of right now).

In early 2023, she took an early retirement from the daily 9 to 5 grind and now spends her time crafting new storylines and characters. It's been her inner passion since she was a young tyke. If she is not writing, she might be found lost in the aisles of book stores or libraries. She also enjoys music of years past. Between music and writing she believes that is the true magic in life.

She also writes under C.S. Paskett.